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    1) Advertisements are limited to FREE services only.
    I didn't think this needed to be explained but it appears some people have a misunderstanding of the word free in

    To quote Merriam-Webster:
    Main Entry: 3free
    Function: adverb
    Date: 1559
    2 : without charge
    So what does this mean?
    It means that if you place an advertisement and it costs any amount of money in order to obtain the service, then it is NOT free and will be removed. This includes any reoccurring or one time fees, verification payments, registration or processing costs, or anything else that requires a customer to part with any amount of currency greater than 0. Even if the amount paid is refundable it is not allowed as it is in the best interests of the members here that we do not allow it. This includes advertising paid upgrades or plans.

    This also means that contests, raffles, or trial offers are NOT allowed.

    2) Illegal content is NOT allowed!
    Do not advertise NULLED SCRIPT SERVICES.
    Do not advertise WAREZ LINKING or HOSTING.
    Do not advertise PIRATED MOVIE or MUSIC HOSTING.

    If you imply that the service can be used for anything illegal or possibly illegal then your post will be removed! If you receive any requests for such service please let us know and it will be handled. Any discussions or advertisements that happen away from this site are fully allowed.

    Keep in mind that this site is run by a US based company and iNet is liable for any and all discussions that take part on here, thus any criminal action iNet is responsible for and can be help accountable for the facilitation of such activity by US laws.

    3) All advertisements require details!
    If you do not include any details of your service (including an active domain) your thread will be removed. Posting just a URL without any information is not acceptable and does not constitute an advertisement.

    4) Advertisement threads are limited to 1 per week per user and per company!
    Users and companies are limited to 1 advertisement thread (in each area) every 7 days. Failure to follow this rule is considered spam and you will not be allowed to advertise anymore.
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