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    Question Am i doing something wrong ?
    I need your advice regarding this:

    Am from india,
    Here we have some sites which offer free sms to indian mobiles..
    Eg. way2sms.Com
    We can send practically unlimitted number of messages to any indian number..
    Only problem is that,
    there sites are having excess number of ads..
    And we can send only one sms in one shot..

    As my internet bandwidth is poor, i wish to skip ads.
    So, i wrote a php cURL script.
    I will supply my way2sms username, password, & mobile numbers and message..
    The script then automatically login to way2sms.Com and will send messages..
    Script simply acts as proxy between me and way2sms.Com..

    So, with this, i can send sms with lesser time,
    can send multiple sms in a shot & automated sms scheduled through crontab..

    Is this illegal ?
    Is this hacking ?
    I simply want to skip ads

    I also have plans to share this service with friends, so they also can send sms easily...

    Now, there comes another problem..
    It needs's username and password to login...
    So, they need to type their way2sms.Com's username and password in my site..

    Although, am not going to misuse their waysms account passwords,
    how can i prove this..?
    i mean, How can they thurst me...?

    Am totally in confusion..
    Am i doing something wrong ?

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    You may want to read their TOS to verify if you are allowed to do such a thing. I doubt that you are...The ads would be there for a reason, more then likely to help pay for the services. So by you creating a work around it may be a violation of their TOS...Hacking, I wouldn't call it that. Illegal, maybe? Worse that I can see them doing is either banning you from the service including blacklisting your host's IP address(es) and/or filing some sort of civil suit.

    Your best bet would be to contact them directly and ask about access for a "trunk" like setup where you can have direct access using a script like you said you created.

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