Hello, and thank you for taking an interest.

My name is Ben Leavitt and I have been operating Negative0 for nearly ten years now. Negative0 has always been a learning experience for me, and my partner Cedric. We learned about networking, programming , Linux, server administration, and through some tough breaks security.

After our humble start in Free Webhosting we are in the middle of great expansion. We have added paid hosting to our banner (We still offer free hosting. We believe the web should be free) but to turn a profit we are looking at other areas as well. Earlier this year we purchased our first server, and have placed it in co-location in Alberta Canada, close to home. This was a major step because before now we were a basement operation, or renting VPS from other companies.

With our new server we have started selling VPS server and something new has happened. We have taken our first real steps away from a hobby company and towards a real business future. With those steps however we have seen just were we are lacking, and what we need to continue our growth.

We are looking to add a few members to our team. First, we need a web designer. Someone capable of designing pretty layouts and front ends. Cedric is an amazing programmer, and a quite skilled designer, but all of his time is taken up designing the backend of our new control panel so he does not have the time to focus on the pretty. We are also looking for someone who is skilled in marketing. We have the goods, but we just have no idea how to share them with the world. Finally, we are looking for someone to help me out with the servers. We run linux (Formerly Ubuntu, now I reverted to Debian for stability reasons) and a staff member who is familiar with linux to help out with the administration and automation of these servers would be an incredible asset.

If any of this appeals to you please send me an e-mail at bleavitt@negative0.net. I would love to discuss your experience and how we can help each other grow. Ideally we are looking for long term help, someone who's roll will grow with as as the company grows. As I said, Negative0 has been around for the past 10 years, and we are just starting to do some real good work. In the short term I am able to offer a VPS to anyone who helps us out. It is not much, but it is a start, and I am sure someone could use it!

Anyways, I look forward to hearing from you.

Ben Leavitt
Negative0 Administrator