I am focusing more on building up my premium (paid) hosting business... which now puts me at running 4 different webhosting related sites....

The first one that I am willing to sell is a youhosting business, has (low) traffic, has active clients. Skill level required is relatively low. Costs are zero as it is hosted on youhosting. For anyone interested in getting started in free hosting, an established domain, with clients is one of the biggest leg ups you can get.

Second one is one of those places where you can create a free blog (same to how wordpress or blogspot works). While for most part it doesnt require effort, I would like to state that the skill level required is HIGH. You need to be familiar, and or willing to dedicate a fair bit of time to learning your way around wordpress for this one.

How the transaction will work. As I dont really need the money, I will list the domain for sale at the price we agree upon at namecheap, so that as soon as you pay, you will get the domain, and you will get the files, and or usernames / passwords etc within 24 hours.

PM me for the URL only if you are serious, as I dont have time for the time wasters.