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    Oh no! I found the interface very bad. You should divide the area more clearly

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    I would suggest that you change the layout to something user friendly. Make navigation simple which seems complicated at the moment.

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    I'm not really sure what the website is about and it doesn't seem to organized in any way. The whole design could be improved a lot, including really making it responsive.
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    the design is good, and the website is colorful. I like the responsiveness, keep making your page nice!
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    Nice One, Thanks for share it here.

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    Yea im lost , the site is not user friendly in explaining what its about. You have to actually dig to find out what the site does.

    A website should let you know within a few seconds what its about from the page you land on , or else your users will bounce . You should design with users in mind . Also shrink down your screen and review your responsive design.

    I think you may have a concept , but just need to polish it up with good old ux design .

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