Hello my fellow FWHT members. Quite a bit of us has seen FWHT grow, die and do it all over. I myself has been with FWHT since 2007. I am a hair less then a year till I been here 10 years. I have enjoyed FWHT services, and its members. I have seen people come and people go. WSWD knows how hard it has been on FWHT and seen so many of the changes.

As of today 12/09/2015, I will not be putting as much time into FWHT, But Dennis has asked that my account stay with its current status so I will be in and out. I am gonna start dedicated my time into new projects, and working my butt off to pay off my SUV (lol).

If you need anything you can still PM me on here and I will get an email.

Live on FWHT.