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    Thumbs up Types of Web Hosting
    Shared Hosting
    Shared hosting refers to when your web site is hosted on a server along with many other customers' web sites. Don't worry, your users won't know this - your web site is still configured as a separate web site on the server and can still have its own domain name etc. It is simply sharing the server with other web sites.

    The big benefit of shared hosting is price. Shared hosting can be very cheap. Having your own server (otherwise known as a "dedicated server") costs a lot more.

    The biggest downside of shared hosting is performance and security. Because you're sharing a server with other customers, performance of your website could be impacted by other customers' websites. If your site happens to be sharing a server with a high-traffic website for example, it could slow the server down or stop it altogether. Also, some shared hosting companies host thousands of websites on a single server, so this is a real consideration. Also, although there are many ways of securing a shared hosting environment, it is never going to be as secure as having your own machine (or even virtual machine). So if performance and/or extra security is high on your list of priorities, shared hosting may not be for you.

    Virtual Dedicated Servers
    Also known as virtual private servers, virtual dedicated servers are a low-cost alternative to dedicated servers. The web host can put many virtual servers on each machine, therefore reducing costs. When you log in to the virtual server, it appears as though you have your own dedicated server (even though other virtual servers are probably running on the same machine).

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    You forgot to mention that shared hosting can also be free.
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    Nice information about types of hosting, people should know about various kind of hosting there advantages and disadvantages.

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    I'm new to web design and I have to learn a lot. So, this information is really useful, especially for such beginners like me. Thanks!

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    Default Types of web hosting
    Can you suggest me some best free shared hosting? I'm a newbie in web design.

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    You can find many right here in our Advertising Section. - Fast, Reliable Hosting...For FREE!

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