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    Does it matter where your website will be hosted? If you are targeting an audience in e.g. asia would it make sense to locate a website host provider from asia or will one from e.g. the USA be good enough? Performance will take a hit so how close does the host have to be to your target audience?

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    It depends. If you are not using a CDN or something like CloudFlare, then yes, there will be latency between your server and target audience if the two are located far apart from one another. If it's a simple website, the added latency might not be terribly noticeable. If you're streaming media, or hosting downloads, or a game server, there will be a HUGE performance hit.

    As far as Asia is concerned (where bandwidth and datacenters are generally more expensive) an acceptable alternative is often the west coast of the US, i.e. Los Angeles, San Francisco, or even Seattle, which has direct fiber across the Pacific to Asia. Some datacenters even have added direct peering to the Asia ISPs, to help reduce latency. There is still going to be added latency compared to having a server hosted in Asia, but depending on your application, that latency might not matter. - Fast, Reliable Hosting...For FREE!

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    We prepare our project for long time and we start with France location of our servers, after that we plan to offer UK, USA and India as server locations. It's not possible to cover every country in beginning but latter it would be beast to have as much as you can have servers.

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    I would recommend you to keep the site hosted at the target audience country. In Google webmaster you can also set the target country and will help you rank good in the target country.

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    The best way is to host at any one location (I prefer US because US Server is usually cheaper and faster) and use a CDN(Content Delivery Network) like CloudFlare or MaxCDN. CDN stores data in multiple data centres across globe, so you don't need to worry about your server location.

    Note: If you want exact middle location between India and US, you can host at Spain but I won't recommend that.

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