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    Cool FWHT Needs Your Help
    I have been on FWHT since 2007 (best of year of my life for many of reasons. I have watched it grow, then die, grow again and almost die but I see it still is going ever so slightly. I would like to implore you all to share our site with your friends, family, business associate's or who ever you know.

    FWHT has the need still of some people and I would love to see it grow. (yes I am retired but I guess not as much. So, if you can please give us a hand to be great again.

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    Sure, I dont think FWHT will ever die soon

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    I have known free hosting talk for many years but only just signed up recently because I thought of a perfect free product that is different from the usual offers on here so will be exciting to see that come along - after all my very first website just over a decade ago was on a free hosting plan (but for the life of me cannot remember from where).

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    I hope it continues to grow, but the number of active members is slightly less

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