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    Default Hey mates which one is best options IPV6 or IPV4 ?
    Please tell some options

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    I suggest you to google about this. You can Get many differences. Now most of them go for IPv6. Based on your convenience you can select the IP Address.
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    There is nothing better about IPv6. The world is not ready for IPv6 yet, and most people will not be able to access your site if you only use IPv6. - Fast, Reliable Hosting...For FREE!

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    Honestly depends what you are doing and your own personal connection to connect with your site.

    What I can tell you is if you use soly ipv6 for your website sign up with cloudflare as ipv4 only users will be able to
    connect to your ipv6 website.

    I honestly would go with ipv6 as that is the only way it is going to go into demand - I honestly think the IP Bodies need
    to consider setting a switch off date for ipv4 (controversy 101) or the likes of such to really push ipv6 utilization and support.

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    IPV6 has large address spacing than IPV4. Main advantage of IPV4 is that the IP addresses are easy to remember.

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    IPV6 is another advanced form of IPV4.

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