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    Question What are the causes of FTP not working?

    I wanted to know what causes the error in trying to load an FTP? Port 21 for example, online or actual program.


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    These are the main cause that your ftp maybe not working:-

    1. Incorrect Host/Server Name
    maybe you are using incorrect host name
    2. Incorrect User Name or Password
    3. Account Frozen
    So, try all these maybe your problem will get solved and also check source code testing of your website before uploading it.

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    If you are having trouble trying to connect to an FTP server to upload or download commands, try the following:
    _Attempt to connect using Windows Internet Explorer to the site. Enter ftp: // [username]: [password] @ in Internet Explorer.
    _Check the server has enabled the ftp feature.
    _Check the server has its firewall open to allow connection within the TCP / IP passive port range. (You need a series of open port numbers next to the basic ftp port - see your server in strip).

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    There may also be a slight chance of server misconfiguration.

    In cpanel FTP settings cnan be downloaded and loaded into FileZilla easily

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    Here are few ftp connection issues most commonly faced,
    - No FTP server can be found
    - The wrong server is being connected to
    - Port 21 is blocked by a firewall
    - FTP access is locked
    - The password is wrong

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