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    Thumbs up - 100% FREE & Ad-FREE Cloud Powered File Hosting Since 2015

    Welcome to, the safest, fastest, ad-free and 100% FREE file host
    Want to have more control over your files - all for free? Signup below:
    to our 100% free file hosting account.

    A few details about our service:

    -- 100% FREE, and for now; we're 100% free of advertisements.
    -- Self-funded with no outside outsourcing, we are confident that we won't need any future outside funding of any sort to keep us running.
    -- You can upload up to 500mb per file - and yes we allow split archives, and downloads run with absolutely NO bandwidth caps!
    -- We do NOT allow files that are against the best interest of Gigabytes' company policies, (this means you, illegal file uploaders out there!)
    -- We've recently rebranded back to, after we had some trademark and company wide name changes.
    -- We're re-registering our LLC in the state of Virginia! We'll have our license number available as soon as we get it in the mail.
    -- Our website and services are DDoS protected for ALL of our file servers, our technical support team is on the ball - all the time!!
    -- Our service is unique in many ways, but for some reason people like to know that if we don't catch that a file server is full, it'll revert to using's public cloud storage and/or our premium services website's S3-Enabled file storage.
    -- We used to be a strictly image hosting website in April-Nov. of 2015, and we switched to file hosting November 13th 2015! [We have many years of expertise in the file hosting industry! Ask us any questions you may have.
    -- If you need something urgent, e-mail us or submit a ticket. If you need something to chat about -- schedule a call =') (Our Toll-free number is pending [the one at the foot of our website]!)

    A sample File Server Speedtest powered by our sister web hosting company's Cloud:

    Many thanks, and happy uploading - be free finally all you upload gurus!

    Lead System Administrator & Founder of

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    Hey folks,

    We recently moved our web server and are doing some internal testing, we experienced about ~3 hours of downtime to transfer over our main file server(s) as well. Sorry! Mostly everything is moved over and secured, our SSL is being transferred a wildcard (yay!!) so our https:// protocol is offline.

    Please use http:// until we edit this post!

    Logan G (& the Gigabytes team.)

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