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    Default Please review website ;)
    Hi all forum members

    Can you please check our page and tell us what do you think We update few things at page like client area and main design and currently we are working on new template for control panel

    I hope that now everything is nice clean and fast but we want you to review our page

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    1. Front page, free plan, the parts with - looks bad. Best to fill it with any kinda info, even if its control panel features.
    2. On the "Free Hosting Page", why do you include you're paid hosting part on it?
    3. Domains, whois - Love that you offer whois free. Have not seen many offer that. Prices- Prices are not bad on domains either. I would look into adding some of the cheap domains such as .pro and few of the others if you can.
    4. Love the rewards idea for the referral.
    5. Also Life chat does not work.

    Overall I will still give it a 10.
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