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    Server Why Should we make better quality posts?
    Ok so many of you have read , one liner posts and repeating other users are considered spam and low quality posting. That this is not condoned by most forums and lastly google will penalise you for it right ? we have all read that.

    Well to be honest i see many of these type of post infact i myself am guilty of some. The Rules stated above apply however , maybe not in the way we perceive so bear with me and read this to benefit your own purposes on this forum and help the forum become stronger ( thus helping your own seo )

    So you are thinking , maybe so , but my one liner posts havent gotten me banned , and google gwt is registering the back links. So who cares its fast and effective. Is it really?

    I would like you guys to do some research or i will just hand it to you infact, forums are in a massive decline. The ones that are very strict in forum posting , have in general a very a higher value back link ( Pa,Da and Mozrank).

    The links from those sites are worth much more from one that is lower. Why ? because of their users post quality. The secondary effect , is sites that get all these one liners , start losing members who have a great deal of knowledge on subjects within the forum. People that could help you with problems you are facing , and ALSO boost the quality of the forum with great posts. .

    Maybe you dont care about this community you just want the back link for seo : in that case read on : We are throwing all that away for a quick gain in seo. To make things worse as we continue this trend , ( and this is where google steps in ) , when the site becomes filled with enough low quality posts and too many outbound links compared to content GWT stops registering them as back links all together ( say bye bye to your seo boost ). Because this is how google flags spam. ( massive amount of outbound links , with little relevant text in comparison.

    By then most of the older knowledgeable members have left , and the mods just cant deal with the influx and eventually the forum gets trashed all together.

    Our nature as humans is for quick results , but think about what you are doing ,you are putting your website , business name out there with every post , why not associate it with quality.

    Sure you might not be able to respond to every post , or get 60 back links a week , but those 10 or 15 quality posts will count for so much more , because when google looks at a link :
    - it looks at the text surrounding it.
    - It looks at the forum as a whole
    - It looks at the quality of the content within the forum and around your link.
    - it looks for one liners and duplicate posts , in the same way it does with websites.

    The are all factors in determining how relevant that back link is to your website and how much influence it will have on your ranking.

    Here is where it really gets ugly. Do you remember how blog commenting was a great way to get backlinks a few years ago? People went crazy and did excatly what they are doing to forums now, one liners and bad replies. Many saw great results and then BOOM GWT stopped valuing back links from blog comments and in most cases doesnt even index them. They encourage a nofollow tag to all webmasters with blogs. THIS is where we are heading.

    Secondly you will be ensuring the existence and growth of the forum because the quality posts will attract more quality users some that may have great insights into our fields.
    I dont think any of us intend at this moment, whether we have a website or freelance business or whatever for it to be temporary.

    Beside the whole back link thing when google sees your website is involved , and participates in high quality assistance or contributions in a online community it starts seeing you as authority on the niche. That big for Seo.

    Its not up to the mods or admins sure they help control things , but it is the responsibility of the community as a whole to ensure a quality forum that we may all benefit from.

    Again i am not pointing fingers i myself have been guilty of this , but i just thought id share my findings with you and perhaps inspire some change as i myself dont want to see another forum fizzle out because of our need for instant results.

    Lets play the long term game. Next time you post , add something new. Its not that hard google the subject ( and re write it for the op ) , make it two or three sentences it doesnt have to be an article . In a month or two it will change the value of this community immensely.

    Best Wishes
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